Nine Baldwin students win Trib’s Outstanding Young Citizen Award

Alana Eckels, Staff Writer

Baldwin students are among the top 100 in the region to receive a Trib Total Media Outstanding Young Citizen Award.

Those who are being honored are seniors Carl Carlson, Christopher Collins, Emilee Gruntz, Marisa Manning, Kelsie Muha, Nicholas Pantelis, Natalie Weida, and Michaela Woods. As well as junior Emily Yosi.

“I was really excited, because I know there are other kids out there who have more to offer than me,” Gruntz said.

Gruntz was nominated by counselor Caroline Babik for her involvement in her community, volunteer work, GPA, and participation in sports along with many other clubs.

“The thing about Emilee is not only does she hit the marks of high academics, teammate, and leadership skills, but she is extremely down to earth and easy to talk to. That is a really good trait for a future leader to have,” Babik said.

“It’s nice that the Trib recognizes and promotes students to do well in school, ”

— Manning said

Muha was nominated by counselor, Sima Miquitta, as well as substitute Kimberly Heinauer, and history teacher Richard Deemer, for her GPA, and involvement in activities, and participation in sports.

“I’m grateful that people see me in a positive light. I’m happy to be selected as top 100 out of all the people from other schools that were nominated,” Muha said.

Pantelis said he is thankful for his nomination.

“It’s a great feeling and an extreme honor. I’m thankful that Mr. (Gary) Hall nominated me and gave me a chance to represent Baldwin,” Pantelis said.

Manning was nominated by Miquitta for volunteer efforts including work with her church.

“It’s nice that the Trib recognizes and promotes students to do well in school,” Manning said.

Collins appreciated counselor Kyle Degregorio’s nomination.

“I was really pleased to be selected, out of all the nominations. It’s truly an honor,” Collins said.

Yosi’s year-round participation in track while maintaining a high GPA earned her a spot in the top 100 as the sole junior from Baldwin.

“It’s an honor to be the only junior recognized,” Yosi said.

Carlson said he is happy that he is being honored.

“I’m very proud to be recognized by my community,” Carlson said.

Weida, nominated for volunteer work and academics, believes that volunteer work is essential in helping out communities.

“Volunteering represents so much more than just hours and service to me. I dedicate my time to helping my community and it gives me a sense of purpose,” Weida said.

Woods is also being recognized impart for her volunteer work in the arts community.

“I’m grateful that the arts are being recognized as a part of the community,” Woods said.

Students selected to be part of the top 100 will be presented at a banquet on April 19.