Louis the Child brings a new crowd


Laura Basciotta, Staff Writer

Louis The Child, a Chicago EDM duo featuring Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren, performed Wednesday night at Mr. Smalls theatre in Millvale.

The duo makes their own remixes and uploads their own music onto SoundCloud. Their 2015 breakout hit, “It’s Strange,” earned 10 million SoundCloud plays.

The concert opened up with Kennett and Hauldren mixing beats while flashing different lights corresponding with the beat. With beats from Louis The Child, it is hard to find yourself standing still at the concert.

Louis The Child opened with new songs from their upcoming EP. When they moved into more well-known mixes such as “Blasé” by Ty Dolla $ign and “Weekend” by Icona Pop, they left the crowd exhausted from constant arm waving and jumping.

Despite the group’s status as an EDM duo, the audience does not participate in the typical head banging seen at many EDM concerts. This crowd, however, was unfortunately made up of frat boys in their Vineyard Vines just looking for a good time.

The concert ended with Kennet and Hauldren returning for an encore of a remix of “Black and Yellow” and fans screaming the words to their hit “It’s Strange.”