Excision returns to Pittsburgh

Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

After much anticipation, Canadian EDM artist Excision made his return to Pittsburgh Thursday night at Stage AE. The DJ came back with friends Barely Alive and Cookie Monsta.

With grimey beats, intense visuals, and 150,000 watts of face-melting bass, Excision did not disappoint his fans.  Fans of the DJ know they can’t listen to his music without headbanging so hard they practically break their necks.

He opened with his hit “The Paradox” and continued into other renowned songs. During his “Purple Lamborghini” remix, he featured a man in a dinosaur costume who came out onto stage and blew smoke into the audience.

The bass was so intense it shook the entire building and listeners could feel it vibrating throughout their bodies. His concert is more than just him playing music for fans; it is a whole experience in itself.

His “Harambe” visuals featured, as weird as it may seem, an almost 3D graphic of a gorilla running towards the audience and inevitably blowing up at the end. Additionally, during his song “Neck Brace” he even threw a neck brace with his logo on it into the crowd.

The show was every headbanger’s dream. It was an amazing time that everybody, fans and newcomers alike, need to experience.