A cure for wellness causes sick feeling amongst audiences

Colton Hurley, Web Editor

A well-named movie, A Cure for Wellness most definitely tests mental sanity. It is a strange, convoluted movie that takes unpredictable twists and turns throughout.

The movie takes place in a sanitarium on a hill with a small town below. There is a distaste between those on the hill and those below.

The main plot of the movie is that Lockhart (Dan DeHaan), who is up and coming in the business world, must go retrieve his boss from the sanitarium to take the fall for irregularities in the company books so a merger can occur.

However, from the beginning of his visit Lockhart faces trouble, which continually gets worse and worse. As normal in movies, Lockhart falls for a woman. Toward the middle of the movie there is a stale time of investigation by Lockhart, which leaves the audience bored.

This boredom is stopped by a strange turn that leaves the viewers’ skin crawling and exclaiming disgust after a graphic, sexually charged scene. This is followed by a very quick wrap-up that leaves the audience questioning what just happened.

The cast does a great job portraying their characters, whether they are playing patients at the facility, the doctors, or the assistants throughout the institution.

Even due to this, this so called creepy movie that supposedly won’t let you sleep gets its horror from nothing but shock value. The plot gets boring quickly, and the movie drags on excessively.