Wi-Fi access is back

Jarrod Chermely and Avery Greenaway

Relax. The Wi-Fi is back.

After technical issues kept some students and staff off the district Wi-Fi for a few days, the server is back up and all appears to be well.

A group of freshmen girls huddled over their phones in the library this morning were glad to report that their Wi-Fi was indeed fully functional.

“It hasn’t been working for the past couple of days,” Sarah Watkins said.

Because students frequently work on projects online or turn them in electronically in school, the Wi-Fi disruption had caused some stress.

“It didn’t interfere with turning anything in (for me), but it was hard not to be able to work on projects,” Becca Murray said.

Dave Green, the district’s network information systems administrator, said the necessary work to make the Wi-Fi accessible again was completed yesterday.

The problem, in a nutshell, was that three of the district’s servers that are needed to run the Wi-Fi were not in sync, he said. Green fixed the problem by manually resetting each of the servers, he said.