College admissions night to help prepare kids of all ages

Paige Crawley and Areanna Bivens

Students looking to get the inside story on the college application process are invited to College Admissions Night, which is being organized by the counseling department and is being held at the high school on Wednesday night.

Counselor Gerry Hall said the event, being held in LGI at 7 p.m. would help not just juniors but also sophomores and freshmen.

“People need to get a handle on planning. Preparation is key,” Hall said.

The opening panel discussion will feature representatives from the University of Kentucky, Ohio University, Juniata College, Rochester Institute of Technology, and American University. They will discuss admissions requirements and the role of GPA and SAT scores at their schools, plus recommendation letters, scholarships, and financial aid.

They also will discuss college programs that many high school students are unfamiliar with, such as guaranteed grad school admission and various internships, counselor Sima Misquitta said.

A question and answer session will follow, with time available at the end for individual conferences with the college representatives.