Students will take poll about Keystone days schedule

Students will take poll about Keystone days schedule

Liam Belan and Nathan Breisinger

In previous years, students who already had passed one or more of the spring Keystone exams would have to come to school at the regular time, but participate in field day, study hall, or some other activity during testing time.

This year, Baldwin administration is looking into the possibility of letting those students arrive on a two-hour delay schedule, getting to school as the Keystones finish and classes begin for the day.

The thinking is that this set-up would help boost Keystone scores by keeping noise and distractions to a minimum during testing.

“It would give students a better testing environment and keep the building quiet,” English teacher Dr. Daniel Harrold said.

The question is whether students who do not have to take one or more of the Keystone spring exams — in literature, biology, and algebra — would be able to provide their own transportation to school on the two-hour delay.

This Thursday, students who already have passed at least one of those exams will take a poll on their phones in English class to indicate whether they would be able to get themselves to school for the later start.

“This poll will let us know if everyone has a ride to school on these days,” Harrold said.

The day would work like any other day. Students would come in the same entrances and wait to be released to their classes, Harrold said.

This is one of various options the administration is looking into on Keystone testing days, he said.