Special Olympics Club helps out at Winter Games

Paige Crawley and Avery Greenaway

A new group of Special Olympics Club members are at Seven Springs today helping with the Winter Games, a day after other club members helped out with Monday’s opening competitions.

Sophomore Addie Tagg worked as a timer for the novice track for alpine skiing on Monday.

“It was fun. I had a good time doing it,” Tagg said. “I met a lot of cool athletes.”

The volunteers make special bonds with the athletes while doing something good for the community. Tagg remembered one especially cheery athlete who sang down the mountain while competing.

“He told me he liked my hat,” Tagg said.

Tagg said she and the other Special Olympics Club members had a good experience volunteering at Seven Springs.

“It’s a cool thing to do and more people should do it,” she said.

Juniors Sydney Keller and Carly Santillo, both in their second year of helping with the Winter Games, agreed.

Keller and Santillo worked on the intermediate ski slope, helping participants prepare to head down the course. They remembered a 13-year-old athlete was nervous about going down the ski course, but did it after they both encouraged him.

“I told him I’ve never skied before, so you’re braver than me,” Keller said.

That’s the kind of moment that makes volunteering so meaningful, they agreed.

“I like interacting with them, seeing them smile,” Santillo said. “It’s really inspiring.”