Opinion: Trump’s wall plan costly, foolish

Opinion: Trumps wall plan costly, foolish

Jarrod Chermely, Staff Writer

Although President Trump is moving forward with his idea of building a wall between Mexico and the United States, this plan is not feasible or necessary, and Americans probably will end up paying for it.

The first problem is cost.

Trump has said he wants Mexico to pay for the wall, but of course, they have no intention of doing so. Trump has responded by saying he will make Mexico pay by putting a tariff on Mexican goods coming into this country.

But since Mexican companies are likely to simply pass that cost on to U.S. consumers, this plan would end up with American shoppers paying for the wall. The New York Times quoted the CEO of Toyota North America as saying that a tariff would mean Americans would pay about $1,000 more for a Toyota Camry, because about a fourth of its parts are imported.

If the tariff plan falls through, Congress would have to authorize funding, so taxpayers would foot the bill, which has been estimated to cost up to $15 billion. This is would make it one of the most expensive pieces of infrastructure ever.

This is money, as Trump himself has made clear many times, that America just can’t afford to pay right now – through either taxes or increased prices due to a tariff.

Another issue is the terrain the wall would be built on. For this wall to be on the Mexico-United States border, it would have to cover 2,000 miles of terrain, going through mountains, villages, and even some houses. The destruction of villages and houses would cause even more of an uproar.

One more factor is that the issue of Mexican immigration is a fading one. Illegal border crossings are actually at an all-time low right now, as Mexico’s economy has been doing well and population growth has slowed.

Finally, somewhere between 27 and 40 percent of illegal immigrants actually come to America by plane, and the last time anyone checked, planes can fly over walls. Meanwhile, most illegal immigrants obtained visas and just overstayed them.

This “Great Border Wall” would not only cost more than America should be spending on border protection, but it would also be almost pointless and cause many more foreign and domestic issues than this country needs right now.