Mock trial team awaits results of first regional competition round

Mandi Bruni and Laura Harper

The mock trial team went up against McKeesport Wednesday night in the first regional round of the competition.

Baldwin argued for the defense in a simulated trial that involved a man who was accused of setting fire to a factory.

Senior Jaycee Revo, who portrayed a defense attorney, said the Baldwin team went into the trial feeling confident and well-prepared.

“I believe we came up with really good objections and cross-questions, and did really well in practice,” Revo said.

Sponsor Adam Foote said he was proud of how the students handled themselves in the courtroom.

“Our witnesses stood up to the questions of the prosecutors, and the lawyers were very prepared with their questions,” Foote said.

Foote said the team should focus more on their courtroom presence and be more clear with their questions.

The competition will be judged on a point system by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. When the scores are announced, Baldwin’s team will find out if it moves on to the next round.