Movement for art appreciation hits halls

Maggie Hines, Features Editor

In an effort to increase appreciation for art among students and staff, the National Art Honor Society once again has started hanging up student art in the hallway that is free for the taking.

The “Free Art Movement” was started by Baldwin art students. They stay after school to create simple, postcard-sized pieces and then hang them up around the school to be found the next day.

Senior Natasha Yeso found the inspiration for the project on Instagram.

“I saw people taking pictures of art they found and I thought we should try to spread the appreciation of art,” Yeso said.

Students are encouraged to tweet a photo any art they find and add the tag @bhsarthonor.

“Art can be used to express yourself, no matter how simple,” Yeso said. “Not every piece has to be a masterpiece to share your love for art.”

Yeso said that the Free Art Movement will be continuing indefinitely and she recommended that people keep an eye out for more art every day.