American divide fueled by political lines


Colton Hurley, Webpage Editor

As a nation, America is on a slippery slope of division—not just in the political arena, but also on social media platforms and in personal conversations. The political lines are dividing this country and making relations between groups of people worse and worse.

Republicans and Democrats just do not blend anymore. Individuals blind themselves by the fact that the other person does not agree with them. Due to this, conversations turn into arguments in which neither side listens to the other, and the “conversation” just turns into screaming at each. The trend is creating two very different sides with no middle ground between them.

Instead of working toward a compromise, the two groups are clashing more and more, and are drifting farther and farther from each other, causing more conflict in a giant cycle.

This problem is facilitated because people do not allow the other side’s argument be heard. Now Americans pick a side and do not deviate. They only focus on what they like. For example, Trump supporters think that Hillary Clinton was a she-devil and all Democrats are weak and spineless, and Clinton supporters believe that Trump supporters are deplorable racist xenophobes.

People need to come together again and actually have conversations with the other side. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are trying to destroy America. Believe it or not, they are all working toward improving this country.

Politics should be about compromise, but the continual trend as of late is to never listen to the other side, because they are the devil. We continually drift farther from each other. Something needs to happen to bring Americans back together to help heal our divided country. Without this unity, the country will continue its fall into a chaotic divided society.