Stone and Gosling have award winning chemistry


Laura Basciotta, Staff Writer

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are shaping up to be quite an onscreen duo with their new film, La La Land leaving the audience in awe and collecting highly praised reviews. La La Land captures the onscreen sparks between the two as they show their passion in this modern-day musical.

The first time viewers saw Gosling and Stone together on-screen was in 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, which is remembered well for that scene Stone’s character is drunk and ogles Gosling’s character, who is shirtless, then yells at him for looking photo shopped. That funny, sexy seduction scene, and its charming Dirty Dancing finale, which probably would have failed in the hands of anyone else, and was the moment when thousands of moviegoers first fell in love with these two stars.

Just as much as they love TV reboots, studios love casting a pair of actors who have already displayed great chemistry in the past, because it guarantees the movie will come with a built-in audience.

It’s the reason why Gosling and Stone’s second film together, Gangster Squad, a lackluster film with an all-star cast featuring Sean Penn in terrible makeup, had filmgoers becoming even more loyal to Stone-and-Gosling.

In the golden age of Hollywood, repeat pairings were a standard practice. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, an obvious source of inspiration for the couple in La La Land, tapped and twirled together in 10 movies. Charlie Chaplin did his silent films next to actress Edna Purviance 33 times.

Gosling and Stone are following in the footsteps of old-time famous Hollywood pairings and are receiving the praise for it, as they walked away with Golden Globe wins this past Sunday. The Gosling-Stone duo proves to be a rising success and hopefully this on-screen chemistry will appear in future stars.