Lip syncing might happen more than singing


Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

Throughout the years, a variety of singers have constantly been exposed for lip syncing their performances. The difference among them is how they handle being exposed.

Examples include Taylor Swift being caught faking her performance in the Disney parade and being caught on microphone calling it stupid, to 50 Cent blatantly just not knowing the lyrics to his own song and just walking around during the 2007 BET awards.

Many artists, such as Justin Bieber, also lip sync when performing outrageous dances or acrobatics during their performances, but one lip syncing performance that set a new low was Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance.

Carey has been known for lip syncing before, but on New Year’s Eve the singer seemed to barely put any effort into her performance at all. For the beginning of the performance she simply held the microphone out to the crowd and told them to sing.

The lip syncing itself was no surprise. More often than not when artists perform in parades or at big outdoor events like this they do not have the equipment to support a full performance and must result to faking it.

Whenever she finally did begin to perform with the track playing behind her, she gave up mid-verse while the track continued to play. She then continued to just walk around the stage and told the audience to sing for her. When news sources approached Carey about the fiasco, she blamed the New Year’s Eve production team.

Divas like her love to blame other people for their own mistakes rather than make a public apology. The production team played the track she requested, yet her deciding to stop trying halfway through the performance somehow was not her fault. Carey needs to own up to her faults and work towards being a better performer.

However, through all of this one thing still remains obvious: the audience does not care if they are singing or not. Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Mariah Carey will not lose fans over lip syncing performances. When people go to concerts today they simply go to see the person and the show, whether it is actually them singing or not.