Black Mirror leaves readers on edge, ready for the next episode


Emma Dowker, Photography Editor

4.5/5 stars

Those who have seen Black Mirror are familiar with its paradoxical and thought-provoking episode plotlines. For those unfortunate enough to have not seen a perpetually thrilling yet unsettling episode of Black Mirror, it is of the utmost importance to binge watch it immediately. Unlike many shows on Netflix, every episode features completely different characters and plotlines. All of the episodes are completely independent of each other, but equally as baffling and confusing. The varying plotlines all occur in a dystopian, technology-dependent and futuristic society. Season 3 Episode 1, Nose Dive revolves around social media rankings becoming a daunting reality, affecting the characters’ everyday lives. Each episode will leave viewers with more questions than answers about the plot’s overall significance, what happens to the characters, and whether or not one’s life is or isn’t a simulation.