This Is Us makes viewers feel connected


Laura Basciotta, Staff Writers

This Is Us is a family dramedy that should make viewers feel as though they are a part of the family. The show makes fans laugh, cry, smile and, best of all, it surprises you with every new episode. The show first premiered this fall on NBC and received an overwhelming amount of attention after the first episode. At first, viewers may wonder what all the fuss is about, but This Is Us interweaves four seemingly different stories into a whole through small story details, relatable moments, and confrontations that are funny, tender or painful, or all three at once. Jack and Rebecca have just moved into their new home in Pittsburgh and are expecting triplets. Successful and handsome television actor Kevin is craving something new in his life. Randall is a successful businessman but feels as if he’s lacking something due to not knowing his birth father, and Kate struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin. These people are among a group, several of whom share a birthday, of seemingly random individuals whose lives link in unexpected ways. The show makes viewers feel a whirlwind of emotions all at the same time.