Dance decision delay wise

After several meetings covering a host of possible changes, the district’s formal dances committee decided to make minimal changes in this year’s dances. Informal rules from previous years concerning the ages of participants – that no college students can attend the freshman and sophomore dances, for example – now have been made official.
With formals coming up soon, making only such minor changes was a wise decision. To make any major changes this year would not have been fair to students. The freshman and sophomore formals are not too far in the future, and some of these students already may have decided who their dates would be.
Although nothing has changed for this year, Supt. Randal Lutz has said that it is likely that there will be significant changes next year.
Participants in last year’s prom ranged in age from 14 to 20, which is a concern that the district should address. One way to do this would be to only allow students attending their grade’s dance to take someone either in their own grade, or one level below or above them. In addition, some students try to go to as many dances as they can in a given year, which can be a concern. If age requirements were tightened up, this issue would be addressed.