Early Christmas comes with rapper’s album


Zoe Vongtau, Design Editor

Santa Claus came early this year to give fans and listeners alike the gift of Chance the Rapper’s Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama. A pang of nostalgia rang for fans as Chance and singer Jerimih released the mixtape on SoundCloud, the home of his earlier mixtapes. The album features holiday cheer in a most unusual way — trap-style. In his most recent album and features, Chance has been experimenting with his singing voice and “raw vocals” and songs like “Tragedy” and “Merry Christmas” are no exceptions. The majority of the album, like ‘Chi-Town Christmas” pokes fun at typical holiday classics with a style straight from Chance’s hometown. Feature Jerimih channels The Jackson 5 in a manner only he and Chance could pull off on “Stranger At The Table.” Together, Chance and Jerimih finesse a rap mixtape about Christmas, cheerful enough to listen to with family on the special holiday. Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama is sure to become the most unlikely new holiday favorite in all households.