Opinion: Christmas spirit can’t be stopped by shoppers


Andrea Henderson, Photography Editor

The Christmas season is a time to be spent with friends and family. While some make it about getting the newest phone or accessory, materialism does not ruin the Christmas spirit.
Although many people shop, it is not the only thing everybody does. People also take part in many other traditions such as decorating their trees, going out to dinner, Christmas caroling, and more.
People often try to be selfless this time of year, not materialistic.
There are many people who will volunteer at soup kitchens, visit nursing homes, or buy gifts for the poor.
As for shopping, it does not take away from the much bigger traditions. It is only a small part of Christmas.
More often than not, whenever people buy gifts, it’s often not for themselves. Exchanging presents is another tradition most families do.
Although some people may go crazy Black Friday shopping, it is all to please their friends and families with a gift they will love.
Going out and buying gifts for others doesn’t ruin Christmas, it contributes to it.
The true meaning of Christmas is to spend time with loved ones. There is nothing better than seeing somebody’s face light up when they unwrap a cherished gift.
Part of the Christmas fun is waking up early and running downstairs to see what gifts Santa left under the tree.
It’s wrong to believe that materialism ruins Christmas, because to some people it does just the opposite.
Materialism is not prevalent during the Christmas season. People simply are just trying to make the people they love happy by getting them something they know they would enjoy.
Complaining that everyone in today’s society has lost the Christmas spirit is both a cliche and simply not true.