New group created to discuss world issues

Rebecca Case and Michaela Cavataio

There will be a new after-school activity available for students who enjoy talking about current events.

The World Affairs group is not an official school club, but is a meeting place for students to talk about current problems in the world and how they could be resolved.

Sophomores Grace Delallo and Jarrod Chermely came to history teacher Adam Foote with their idea of a club that focuses on political science.

“We won’t just discuss American problems, but also what is going on in Syria, women’s rights, and politics in different countries,” Delallo said.

They are hoping to have at least one meeting a month. The discussions could range from a half hour to two hours.

“When the kids first came to me, I was excited because most of the other subjects have after-school activities, and now we’re getting one for people interested in current events,” Foote said.

Students will be able to meet informally and discuss whatever interesting topic they choose.

“It is not about getting something done,” Delallo said. “It’s more about discussing the problems in the world that most people don’t talk about.”

The first meeting will be held on Feb. 14. The group’s Twitter handle is @BWWorldAffairs