First annual glow dance lights up gym

Jess Remlinger, Teia Swiger, Mia Lucarelli, and Shay Scuiulli

Emilee Gruntz and Laura Basciotta

Students participated in the first annual Glow Dance at the high school on Saturday, Nov. 12.

The dance was run by the Student Council.  Seniors Marisa Manning, Kelsie Muha, Sara Chester, Emilee Gruntz, Casey Conboy, Nick Pantelis, juniors Logan Jones, Jimmy Wodarek and Michael Kalwash, and sponsor History teacher Karl Geisler helped organize the event.

“It was very successful. We had every little time to prepare and I think all of student council was very pleased with the outcome,” Chester said.

The dance was held in the gym and students were encouraged to wear white or neon since the DJ brought black lights.

“The music and the food helped make the dance even more entertaining. I hope that the tradition will continue on next year,” Muha said.