1975 rocked Stage AE


Taylor Donahue and Zoe Vongtau

The 1975 returned to Pittsburgh for two back-to-back sold out shows at Stage AE on Monday and Tuesday in support of their recent album I Like it When You Sleep, For You are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.

In celebration of Halloween, the band and crew dressed in Star Wars costumes and played the film’s theme song several times.

Compared to previous tours, The 1975’s set was more colorful and cheery, and so was front-man Matty Healy. The new album allows for this type of energy, considering its upbeat and less depressing lyrics in comparison to their debut album, The 1975.

As the band opened with “Love Me,” the crowd was energetic and lively from the beginning. Along with a more upbeat set list, the stage setup was colorful, with flashing lights and artistic backdrops that mirrored the tones of several instrumental interludes.

The interludes from both albums gave the band and crowd a chance to settle and appreciate the live music.

The defining difference between the two nights was the addition of the song “Paris” on Tuesday, which replaced “Robbers,” a fan favorite.

Overall, the 1975 show gave album listeners a necessary visual presentation of the transition from their dismal debut to lively sophomore album.

Female rapper 070 Shake, accompanied by her DJ, opened the show. Although the avant-pop artist didn’t match the upbeat tones of the main act, her set was met with a receptive crowd.