Gali’s makes best choice for real Greek experience

Galis makes best choice for real Greek experience

Jack Hillgrove, Sports Editor

If what customers are searching for when it comes to gyros is an authentic Greek atmosphere, then Gali’s Gyro and Grill on Route 51 is the place to go. Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh area does not have many places that are known for quality gyros, but Gali’s is exactly that. Not only does Gali’s have excellent gyros, the restaurant provides an authentic Greek experience and they make sure customers feel like they are eating in Greece. It is definitely one of the reasons that Gali’s is arguably the best place to get a gyro in the Pittsburgh area. The key to the Gali’s gyro is the freshness of the ingredients. The freshness of the vegetables is impeccable every order. Furthermore, the pita shell it comes in is always soft and fresh 100 percent of the time. The dough is homemade, which is definitely why it is always so fresh and soft. And perhaps the most important element to the Gali’s gyro is the tzatziki, which is the sauce that comes with a typical gyro. It has the perfect balance of cucumber and garlic, and just brings the gyro as a whole together. Overall, Gali’s gyro is the ultimate option when looking for a quality gyro.