Pizzeria serves more than just quality pizza

Rebecca Case, Features Editor

Many people may not know that E M Pizzeria on Route 51 not only serves pizza, but good, quality gyros. Once there, diners will be greeted with nice service and hardly any waiting time. While the design may not be the fanciest, the taste surely makes up for it. The standard gyro tastes fresh and leaves customers wanting more. The only downside to the gyro is that some of the ingredients are not evenly spaced out, and customers may encounter mouthfuls of onions on one side and no onions on the other. Otherwise it is very tasty. Even for people who do not like gyros, there are many other options available that make the trip worth it. E M Pizzeria also offers pizza, wings, and various European candies and meats. All of these options are equally as appetizing as the gyro. The location is very convenient, so customers do not have to worry about going out of the way. Overall, when looking for a quality gyro, diners should stop at the E M Pizzeria, where they are sure to be satisfied.