Trump makes better alternative


Colton Hurley, Web Page Editor

Donald Trump may have some strikes against him, many of which are self-inflicted. However, he is a much better choice than the lying, fake-smiling politician Hillary Clinton.
Trump may not be a typical politician, and he may not be the best choice, but it is time America moves away from career politicians and works toward running the government for the people. Many people criticize Trump because he doesn’t fit the politician mold. Since when is that a bad thing? Constantly people complain about politicians, so why not go against the status quo, and choose a successful business man?
At a time when America has an enormous and growing debt, is it really a bad idea to choose a business-savvy candidate, who could work on restructuring the money-eating machine that is the government? Trump wants to stop wasting money on unnecessary programs, and to cut the taxes on business to help bring more companies and jobs to America.
Clinton thinks raising the minimum wage will somehow help lower-class citizens, but her point is invalid. If Clinton raises the minimum wage, what happens next? Employers then either have to fire employees, or raise prices, which would nullify the raise in pay because the cost of living would be raised greatly.
Another horrible idea is Hillary’s plan for free college. This plan will devalue a college education, because if everyone is able to go to college it will make the degrees less valuable. Also, if students don’t have to pay for the education, it is more likely that people will not care to do as well as those who have a lot more at stake.
Trump may be different, but with all that is happening it is time for change in the world today, and time for a leader who is not afraid to do or say what needs to be done, rather than worrying about political correctness getting in the way.