District announces new “BW,” Highlander designs


Image via BWSD

Baldwin High School is represented by the fighting highlander mascot.

Andrea Henderson and Nathan Breisinger

The district announced new designs today for the “BW” and Highlander logos.

In an emailed press release, the district said the new designs were needed because “visual communication is increasingly important in our plugged-in world, and this new logo and branding allow the district to communicate clearly and boldly.”

The new images include a redesigned “BW” in a shield and a circular seal for academic use, as well as a new Highlander illustration and a “B” logo for athletic department use.

In the press release, Supt. Dr. Randal Lutz said the goal is to create an image that captures Highlander spirit.

“So much of what we value within our district—integrity, compassion, community, tenacity, and a lifelong dedication to learning and self-improvement—are abstract ideals that are hard to convey visually,” Lutz said.

The district needs “a clear, consistent, powerful image that conveys our creativity, our leadership, and our fighting spirit. Our new brand builds on the historical legacy of the district, our well-known BW mark, our regal colors, and the indomitable character of the Fighting Highlander.”

The district worked with Pittsburgh design firm Ocreations and designer Jesse Mader to craft the new look.

Students had mixed opinions of the new Highlander athletic logo.

Senior Cody Flavell thought the new Highlander design was different and interesting.

“I like the addition of more purple,” Flavell said.

Freshman Scott Gault agreed that the new Highlander is better.

“The guy on the logo has a better design than the one before,” Gault said.

Sophomores Hannah Feth and Rehaanah El Maghrabi were not convinced, though, saying they liked the old Highlander better.

“I don’t like it and I think it’s ugly,” Feth said of the new design.

All of the designs can be viewed at http://bwofficialbrand.net/