Hometown singer releases hit album


Rebecca Case, Features Editor

Fans of Pittsburgh’s own Daya will not be disappointed with her debut album, Sit Still Look Pretty. The album includes all of the songs from her self-titled EP, including radio hits “Hide Away” and “Sit Still Look Pretty,” but the real standout song of the album is “Cool.” The laid-back beat will have listeners wanting to take a long drive, blasting the album on repeat. Other songs like “Talk,” “Love of my Life,” and “We Are” all have unique electronic pop beats that complement Daya’s voice perfectly. While some songs on the album may sound like stereotypical pop songs that have been overplayed, a second listen will immediately change any first impressions. Each song has its own unique meaning and beat, which are easy to listen to and addictive. Daya has proven that she is someone to look out for and that she has a promising career ahead of her.