Mac Miller gets lighter and funkier on new CD


Zoe Vongtau, Design Editor

In comparison to his earlier records, Mac Miller’s new project sounds and looks lighter, and is surprisingly funkier.

Miller, a Pittsburgh rapper, last week released his fourth album, The Divine Feminine. The intro track “Congratulations” sets the tone for the album with soulful harmonies and Miller’s first of many ballad-like confessions.

As the album continues, Miller utilizes features like Ariana Grande on “My Favorite Part” and Anderson Paak on “Dang!” to take the load off his own voice. While each song has its own sound, they all seem to include funky elements like saxophones and crooner-style introductions.

Although the components of the album blend together well, the messages – just as in works by many mainstream rap artists — may leave some uncomfortable.

Despite that, The Divine Feminine is a refreshing release by Mac Miller that’s inviting to old fans and newcomers.