Musical cast reflects on Gene Kelly victory

Zoe Vongtau and Bri Staley


Staff Writers

Baldwin took home the Gene Kelly Award for Best Musical on Saturday for its production of Big Fish.

The win was the third in the school’s history, following past productions Curtains and Hairspray.

Junior Nick Cortazzo attributed this year’s win to the cast and crew’s overall joint effort.

“It’s not just the orchestra or the stage crew or the actors. It was everyone working together as a whole,” Cortazzo said.

Baldwin’s production of Big Fish was the first time the musical was professionally presented in Pittsburgh.

“I think it being a show most people didn’t know was an advantage, “Cortazzo said.

Junior Jaycee Revo agreed.

“It was unique as no one knew what the show was, and it was very well performed by the cast,” she said.

Baldwin was nominated in a school-record 11 categories, but the best musical honor was its only victory.

Revo said she had been confident that Baldwin would win best musical going into the night, but had doubts later on.

“Going in I thought we would win, then I saw Woodland Hill’s performance,” Revo said.

Cast members said they hope to win again next year, though that is not the main goal.

“Hopefully we win, but winning is not why we do it. We do it to have fun,” Revo said.