Music Review: Modern Baseball



4 stars

As the members of Modern Baseball continue to grow, so does their art. Their latest album, Holy Ghost, was released in mid-May. Since the band’s last album was released two years ago, multiple band members have lost loved ones or have been treated for addictions and mental disorders. Although the sound is the same, it’s easy to tell the group has been through a lot, considering the aggressive and noisy elements. The powerful and ghostly sounding words of “Hiding” arguably make it Modern Baseball’s best song to date. The band has described its work as a “journal” multiple times, and Holy Ghost is a continuation of the story that is Modern Baseball. Although the album isn’t as light as previous records and lacks the old sense of humor, it’s clear that the band has grown and will continue to do so. The old moto “Whatever, Forever” no longer applies to this harder, grown-up sound