Movie Review: Mother’s Day

Movie Review: Mothers Day


Following his first two holiday-themed films, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, director Garry Marshall released Mother’s Day just in time for the holiday. This highly anticipated movie is good, but not impressive. With talented actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, Mother’s Day could have been a great movie. It had all of the aspects of one, but failed in execution. Throughout the movie, viewers follow many different mothers through their daily struggles. All of the mother’s stories are connected in a way, but the transition between different stories is abrupt at times. Also, each story seems rushed because they are squeezed into a two-hour movie. Aside from these issues, the movie was enjoyable. Though some of the storylines are sad, there is always comedic relief to give an overall positive tone. Additionally, the movie comes to a close on Mother’s Day, ending the movie on a high point as the other characters are become appreciative of everything their mothers do.  Overall, Mother’s Day is a heartfelt, easy to watch movie that is perfect for to watch with a mother any time of year.