Hockey squad aims for division dominance

By Austin Bower
Coming off an exciting and eventful season last year, Baldwin ice hockey is back with high hopes – and two new coaches.
Last year the hockey team dropped from AAA class to an open division, which is for developing teams. Baldwin had struggled for several years at the AAA level, but the team made the playoffs last year in the open division.
This year the team has welcomed new Head Coach Joe Powell and Assistant Coach Bob Chatlin.
Powell also coaches California University of Pennsylvania’s hockey club and Chatlin also coaches an amateur team.
Sophomore Brian Dee said the team is trying to be more focused this year.
“Last season we were good, but we goofed off too much while we should have been focusing on being a team,” Dee said. “The coaches have tried to make us more disciplined.”
“We are a good team, but with Dakota Becker, Kenny Dee, Max Milan, and Dylan Davey, we can be a great team,” Dee said. “This season we are dealing with a bunch of penalties which are killing us.”
“Our team has improved a lot since last season. We have matured some too. Yeah, we like to crack jokes and have fun, but when it comes to game time we make it happen,” Dee said.
Dee, who has played hockey for a decade, wants to see the team reach its full potential this year.
“Last season went well. We made it to the second round of the playoffs, but this year we plan on taking it home,” Dee said.
The team had a solid start, with a two wins and one loss.
“We are off to a great start this season, and are looking to dominate,” said freshman Max Milan, who plays center for the varsity team.
“We as a team have settled down,” Milan said. “Everybody (is) eager to play and not to just get in trouble for goofing off.”