Food Review: Silk Road Hibachi

Colton Hurley


Staff Writer

Most people don’t associate Silk Road with hibachi, because they added the hibachi tables after the restaurant was established. However, Silk Road’s hibachi is very impressive. The chefs interact with their guests and make a great all-around dining experience that rivals all other big hibachi restaurants. Most chefs are very personable and provide great conversation, which adds to the dining experience. In comparison to big chain hibachi restaurants such as Saga, Silk Road has a better quality and quantity of food. The portions are huge, and their menu is very diverse. They have something for even the pickiest eaters. The prices aren’t the best, but they certainly are not the worst. They give a generous amount of food for the price range of $25 to $35 per meal. There is almost always food left over to take home for dinner the next day, which is why the prices are within reason. They give enough food for two meals. However, during busy hours it can sometimes be difficult to get a table because they only have a few hibachi tables. Also, hibachi diners tend to stay around longer due to the great amount of food, so there is a longer wait time for each table.