Music Review: Black Star by David Bowie

Alexis Siatkowski


Staff Writer

Many artists bring certain themes into the albums they produce, and David Bowie was a prime example. Bowie was an icon since the start of his career, so his latest and final album, Blackstar, is likely to have a huge impact on his lifelong fans. Because Bowie had kept his fatal illness a secret, when the album was first released many fans did not understand why its tone was so dark and dreary, with many references to glorifying the end of a twisted existence. Bowie successfully ended his career and battle with cancer by putting out a sound true to his style – blending rock and jazz to create the ultimate anti-pop combination. His final product can be unsettling, with lyrics inspired by plays from the 17th century. The title track of this album is the perfect slow and gloomy song for any off, sad day a person could be having. Blackstar is glorified by many now that the art icon has passed, leaving this as his greatest and darkest legacy.