Music Review: Anti by Rihanna

Maddie Becker


Staff Writer

There are a lot of things in this world to oppose, but Rihanna’s album Anti is not one of them. With 16 songs, and a very nice spot at the top of the Billboard 200 list, Anti is not here only to bless America, but the rest of the world also. Rihanna proves that she doesn’t need any help climbing up to the top by only using two featured artists, Drake and SZA. The album goes from a very uplifting pop song titled “Work,” to showing Rihanna’s softer side in “Close To You”. It seems as if this is the first time Rihanna is pushing herself as an artist to do different things. Anti is an album artists would put out when they don’t need to sell records — they just need people to listen. In “Higher,” listeners can hear her voice crack, sounding almost as if she is gasping for air. This shows a completely different side to the pop star, but she uses other songs such as “Woo” to let it be known that she is still the queen of pop.