Movie Review: Ride Along 2

Cody Flavell


Staff Writer

Sequels usually don’t live up to the hype, even if the original movie was a phenomenon. Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) and James Payton (Ice Cube) do so with Ride Along 2. Ben and James leave on a detective case despite James’ reluctance to take Ben. James’ sister Angela (Tika Sumpter), who is getting married to Ben in nine days, begs James to get Ben out of her hair and let her prepare for the wedding. James takes Ben along for the ride and as he did in the first movie, Ben messes up time after time. He puts not only himself in danger, but James as well. They have to fend off storms of shooters out to get the pair and protect their territory. The movie overall is just as good, if not better, than the first one. The returning cast of Hart and Ice Cube do a good job portraying the characters they played in the previous Ride Along. There are few dry moments in this comical, action-packed movie.