District seeks student input for new catch phrase

Elizabeth Solenday


Staff Writer

District leaders are looking for a new catch phrase to help promote Baldwin pride and unity — and they are looking for help from students in making that choice.

The school board’s athletics and student activities committee has come up with eight options for students to consider. Students are to be surveyed Wednesday in first period.

The results, when compiled, will be reviewed by the athletics and student activities committee. The committee is only looking for student input, so students will have to sign in with their district Google accounts to vote.

The eight catch phrases that will be voted on are:

  • Respect All, Fear None
  • Highlander Pride
  • Believe in Baldwin
  • Highlander Strong
  • Baldwin Made
  • Baldwin Proud
  • Never Settle
  • Rise as One

“We want this to be completely from student voices,” Assistant Principal Heather Hibner said.