Club trips rethought following terrorism

Leanne Wilson and Zoe Vongtau

Staff Writers

The terrorist attacks on different regions throughout the world have had varying effects on Baldwin clubs that were planning student trips, ranging from cancellation to postponing their trips.

The trip to Germany has been cancelled completely, while the trips to Italy and France will continue as scheduled. The Da Vincian Society’s trip to New York will be delayed, but still occur.

The decisions were made by the club sponsors based on their level of concern, Principal Dr. Walter Graves said.

“Mr. (Scott) Hindman decided to cancel immediately…The other teachers are monitoring the situation,” Graves said.

The German Club was planning on going to Germany, Austria, and Italy for 20 days this June.

“I wanted to wait a year. I had no seniors going…I don’t want to gamble with kids’ lives,” Hindman said. “The places we go are probably safe. I just didn’t want to take any chances.”

The Da Vincian Society will still be going to New York, but the trip, which was slated for Dec. 8-10, has been pushed back until the spring, club sponsor James Wodarek said.

The group consists of 50 students, and Wodarek still plans on a packed schedule of entertainment throughout the days.

“I wanted them to enjoy themselves

and let everything calm down,” he said.

The school and Wodarek have both put many safety measures into place. The hotel room is outside of the city and will have a security guard specifically for their floor at night. There is also a cell phone list with everyone’s contact information, and the group must stay together, including the bus driver.

“Most of my students have never been to New York. It’s an amazing city and a memorable life experience. I don’t want them to miss the experience, but there is nothing more important than their safety,” Wodarek said.

A group of 29 French students will continue their Paris and the Rivera trip as planned for the summer of 2016. After the attacks in Paris, the travel agency reached out to French Club sponsor Kathryn Jarocki to reassure her that the trip was still on. As for safety, the group will be accompanied by a 24-hour tour guide.

“Ultimately, as long as there are no big reasons, we should be able to go as planned. It’s such a good educational experience that as long as there is no credible threat, I would hate for the kids to miss out on the experience,” Jarocki said.

Elizabeth Allemang, the Latin Club sponsor, will continue to trip to Italy as planned. It was approved by the school board on Dec. 16.

“It’s more worrisome than it has been in the past,” Allemang said of society’s fears. “We can’t worry so much…the exact same thing that could happen to us there could happen to us here,” Allemang said.