Prianos have enjoyed similar school activities for generations

June 7, 2023


Photo courtesy Priano family.

The Priano family has been involved in Baldwin track and musical programs.

Not only have three generations of the Priano family gone to Baldwin but they have been involved in similar activities throughout their time at the school. 

The Priano family has been a part of the Baldwin-Whitehall School District since the 1970s. Al Priano and Cheryl Priano met in high school during their 10th-grade year, and that’s where their family legacy began. 

“On my Friday nights, I went to the football games and …. I even met my eventual wife at one of those games, which is why you can even do this story on us,” Al Priano said. 

Their son, Tim Priano, went to Baldwin from 1994 to 1997. During his time at Baldwin, he enjoyed some of the same activities his parents had – and which his own children, seniors Joey and Bekah Priano, have been involved with throughout their high school careers.

Al Priano said he had great experiences in Highlander Choir, Baldwinaires, and a Men’s Glee Club that was formerly at Baldwin. Now, his grandchildren share his passion for music. Joey is a part of the school’s Honors Highlander choir and Baldwinaires, and Bekah is in the band. 

“Some of my best memories are in the musical department,” Joey Priano said, citing the Disney trip and concert performances as his favorite memories in the music department.

Along with their musical efforts, the Priano family has also been heavily involved in Baldwin track. 

In addition to playing the piano, Tim Priano ran throughout high school and qualified for invitationals and WPIAL finals. He had a passion for being on the track team and made some of his favorite memories through it. 

“I remember my time on the track team more than anything,” he said. 

His children share this passion: Bekah just finished her fourth year in track, and Joey joined the team this year as well.

“I met some of my best friends on the track team. I was captain of the team this year and I was happy to be able to have Joey with me,” Bekah Priano said

Bekah and Joey’s grandparents are excited to see their grandchildren graduate from the school they cherish. And they plan to continue supporting Baldwin.

“I love seeing the sea of purple and white … which I used to see when I went to Baldwin,” Al Priano said. “I love seeing how things continue to improve in the school and the community.”

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