Kasuba wants to make an impact as senior class president


Mandy Wu

Mwango Kasuba is Baldwin High School’s future Senior Class President.

For future Senior Class President Mwango Kasuba, watching superhero shows inspired him to be a leader.

As a child, Kasuba liked to watch Power Rangers, a television show about five teenagers with superhuman abilities. He particularly admired the Red Ranger, as he was always the captain of the group.

“In my life I always wanted to emulate something like that,” Kasuba said.

Since then, Kasuba’s strong will to be a great leader eventually led him to win the election for senior class president. Kasuba ran for this position because with his skill set as a leader, he hopes he can create an impact on Baldwin.

“I wanted to run because I wanted to get things done. I wanted to spread influence throughout the school and hopefully make a change in Baldwin that we haven’t seen lately,” Kasuba said.

One of his former English teachers, Jason Dolak, has seen his passion about Baldwin ever since freshman year.

“He was always someone who was outspoken in class, and he is someone willing to learn and listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions,” Dolak said.

Over the summer, Kasuba is working on creating a National Honor Society room for students in need of tutoring. He also plans to work with the athletic department about hype videos to encourage more participation at games.

He also hopes his presidency can set an example for Black students and ultimately students of all races and ethnicities.

“There are so many kids at our school who may think just because of their race or ethnicity that they’re at a disadvantage to do things or have a place. But I want to show them that that’s not the case. No matter what you can do or whatever you like, just keep trying. There’s a place for anyone and everyone at this school,” Kasuba said.

One of Kasuba’s close friends and former football teammates, senior KC Okoye, also recognizes his efforts to make an impact on students.

“He can pave the way for more people of color to stand up and make a change in this school,” Okoye said. “I feel like he will be a great class president to lead the upcoming classes.”

Football Assistant Coach Christopher Reilsono said the traits that Kasuba shows during football practices and games exemplify the kind of person he will be as class president.

“He’s shown values of commitment, teamwork and perseverance, which will all serve him well as president,” Reilsono said. “If you know anything about the kid, when he sets a goal he will be tireless until it is achieved.”

Kasuba gave credit to incoming Vice President Jonus Ruvolo and Secretary Evan Stokes for their contributions.

“We’re all smart people. If you have those hard-working people around you who are all-around good people, you’ll be successful,” Kasuba said.