For Presto, activities help forge her own identity


photo via Max Pegher

Sophomore Caroline Presto has been involved in many activities during her first two years of high school.

Many students stick with a few sports or activities, but not sophomore Caroline Presto.

Along with her being a strong student, Presto is involved in indoor percussion, marching band, class officers, Latin Club, and dancing at the Dance Conservatory of Pittsburgh.

Being a part of so many activities is important for Presto.

“Being a part of the community at the school allows me to create my own self. My mom and stepfather (Kate and Rich Deemer) both work at the high school, and it is hard to not be seen as just their kid sometimes,” Presto said. “By being involved, I create my own identity.”

Even though she is part of five different clubs in and out of school, she wishes that she did more.

“I would love to be more involved with Mini-THON and prepare to apply for NHS,” Presto said.

Being a dancer for a long time has particularly helped shape Presto into the person she is today.

“I have done dance for 14 years and so that forced me to be very responsible and manage my time,” Presto said.

Although she enjoyed dance, she decided to take a break at the start of her sophomore year to try marching band and indoor percussion. She rejoined dance in February and hopes to participate in all of the activities moving forward.

“My favorite memory is competing with the marching band and indoor groups. Awards are very exciting and we are competing with other schools, but we all have a sense of comradery,” Presto said.

One of Presto’s biggest supporters is history teacher Christopher Reilsono, who has known her for 10 years. 

“Caroline never ceases to amaze me as she continues to exude commitment, tenacity, compassion, and above all else, leadership,” Reilsono said. “She is never afraid to take on challenges and is always ready to conquer the next.”

Presto’s mother, history teacher Kate Deemer, agrees with Reilsono that Presto is hardworking.

“Caroline takes on challenges and she has gotten better at managing her responsibilities with school and activities,” Deemer said.

Deemer recalled that years ago Presto had a lot of fun performing in her first-ever dance.

“When she was little, her first dance was ‘How Much is that Doggie in the Window,’ which was a lot of fun for her, and me watching her,” Deemer said.