Hoffman’s construction company funds his hobbies

June 2, 2023


Ethan Stock

Jared Hoffman has been doing construction work since he was 16 years old.

Jared Hoffman, a gifted support teacher, works a second job to support what he calls his “fun, expensive hobbies.”

Hoffman runs a construction remodeling company, Hoffman Construction LLC, which has five employees. He began working in construction when he was 16 working under his father. While in college, he started up his own construction company. 

“I’ve owned Hoffman Construction for about 18 years and right around college time is when I parted ways with my dad and started doing my own business,” he said. 

Hoffman’s job really is busiest during summer, when he has the spare time. He uses the money

he makes to help pay for hobbies.

“I used to do dirt bike races nationally, but now that my son races, I follow a series in the Midwest, and then I race barefoot water skiing in endurance races around the country. I also snowboard, fish, and I hunt a lot,” he said. 

Hoffman’s advice is short and simple, but it is a valuable lesson for anyone who is pursuing a side hustle. 

“My advice is if you’re going to spend your time doing something, you might as well spend it making money,” he said. 


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