Essential Listening: Webster defies expectations about country music


photo via Wikimedia commons via Paul Hudson

Faye Webster released her album Atlanta Millionaires Club in 2019

Ayushma Neopaney, Staff Writer

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Most people have a set idea of what country and folk music should sound like. Faye Webster has defied these expectations with her music. 

As of now, she has released four studio albums, with her most popular being Atlanta Millionaires Club, from 2019. Top tracks include “Kingston” and “Right Side of My Neck.”

Many of Webster’s songs are categorized as alternative country and Americana, expressing genuine emotions in a dreamy, heartfelt way while blending genres. While her music style is consistent, her vulnerable lyrics and versatile instrumentals are unique enough that each song in the album is able to invoke different emotions in listeners. 

Her music is especially appealing because of its relatability.

In her song “Hurts Me Too,” Webster sings about dealing with accepting failure in terms of an unrequited love and her music. Her portrayal of disappointment and isolation that comes along with feeling misunderstood is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Listeners who enjoy this record also should check out her self-titled album. It contains “I Know You,” which talks about changing oneself to meet someone else’s expectations, and it is easily one of her best and most popular songs.

Anyone who appreciates relaxed instrumentals with meaningful lyrics will enjoy Webster’s unique approach on blending country, folk, and R&B.