Schedule sets up Steelers for success

Jacob Staley, Sports Editor

The NFL has released each team’s schedule, and the Steelers’ schedule might have fans starting to worry.

In Week 1 they will face the 49ers, which is the Steelers’ first home opening game in eight years. That game will likely be a loss, though, as the 49ers were a top team in the NFC last year and still have about the same roster.

For Week 2, they go up against the Browns. The Steelers always find a way to beat the Browns, so this game is an almost certain win. Najee Harris will have to have a great game for it to be a convincing win, however.

Week 3 they play the Raiders, who lost Derek Carr in the offseason and looked terrible last year. This should be another easy win for the Steelers, but it would not be a surprise if it ends in a tough loss.

In Week 4, they are playing the worst team in the league the past two seasons, the Houston Texans. They had the first two picks but their inexperience will really hurt them.

Next, the Steelers play division rival Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr. and re-signed Lamar Jackson. Off of that alone, the Steelers are likely to fall in this game, heading into the bye with a 3-2 record.

Then in Week 7 they face the Rams, a team that is old and will stand no chance against the young legs of the Steelers. They struggled last year going four quarters and the Rams did nothing to change that in the offseason.

In Week 8, Pittsburgh plays the Jaguars, the exact opposite of the Rams. They are a young team with a franchise quarterback stepping into his stride. The Steelers will lose this game and will have fans thinking they need a change.

But in Week 9 against the Titans, all doubters will disappear. The Titans might be one of the worst teams next year and should easily be handled by the Steelers. With Will Levis likely starting at that point, the rookie will struggle against the Steelers’ strong defense.

Week 10 will be another convincing win against the Packers. With Aaron Rodgers gone and young Jordan Love having to step up, they will be one of the worst teams next to the Titans.

This is where the toughest part of the season begins for the Steelers, with them likely sitting with a record of 6-3.

In Week 11, they play the rival Browns again. This should be a hard-fought win where Kenny Pickett looks like a star loving the big moments against rivals.

In Week 12, they face one of the best teams in the AFC, the Bengals. As long as Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are healthy, Cincy should convincingly put the Steelers away in hopes to push on to win the division.

Week 13 is another easy week for the Steelers. The Cardinals have a new head coach, and Deandre Hopkins, if not traded, will have some issues causing him to have problems with playing. Kyler Murray, coming off an ACL injury, will struggle, and the Cardinals will continue the rebuild.

For Week 14, the Steelers play the Patriots. This will be one of the toughest games of the year. The Steelers will go in overconfident and struggle to take care of business. The Steelers always seem to lose one of these games a year and that tradition continues on here.

Week 15 they face another rookie quarterback in Anthony Richardson. This is another game that could be a struggle. If Richardson is the real deal, the Steelers may have a tough task to take down the Colts but will fight like they always seem to do at the end of the year and win.

Then Week 16 is back against the Bengals. This is where the Steelers start their good run to end their year. It will be a very close game, but Kenny Pickett will look like a star and the Steelers will pull off the upset.

In Week 17, they face the Seahawks, a team of young star players and a hidden gem they signed in 2021 in Geno Smith. This game will be a Steelers loss as they finally come back to Earth after their run.

Finally, Week 18 will close out the year with a game against the Ravens. This game will be just like the game last year. Kenny Pickett will have the game of his life and push the Steelers back to the playoffs with a final record of 11-6.

The Steelers by the end of the year will have found their core for future years as the trio of Pickett, Harris and George Pickens has become a top five trio in the league.