Fashion steps up at king’s coronation


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Kate Middleton appears at King Charles’ coronation in a colorful gown.

Arturo Gromo, Staff Writer

Fashion fans had plenty to check out at King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday in London.

Of the many different fashion pieces that were featured at this ceremony, some of the best pieces were worn by Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte. Both wore designer dresses by Alexander McQueen.

Middleton’s dress consisted of a long blue, white, and red cloak, with multiple ropes and charms attached all around. On her head, she wore a headpiece made from silver that was built to look like a leaf or crown.

Charlotte wore a dress similar to her mother, except her dress was completely white, to represent her youth and purity. She also wore a headpiece that was identical to her mom’s.

Singer Katy Perry made a surprise appearance at the event. She was dressed from head to toe in colors like lavender and pastels. The thing that stood out the most in her outfit was her hat. It was referred to as obnoxious in a few news articles, but it was still very pretty. It had an almost fishnet type of material covering the whole hat, with a small bow on top.

But Perry couldn’t be satisfied with one outfit, so she wore two. While performing she wore a Cinderella-like gold dress made from an almost foil-like material.

Japan’s Prince and Princess, Akishino and Kiko attended the coronation as well. Prince Akishino wore a black classical blazer with striped pants. Princess Kiko wore a traditional Japanese dress called a kimono that was a beige or whitish color with a red and green print in the center.

Overall there were a lot of unique and cool outfits worn at King Charles III’s coronation, which helped create a sense of diversity at the event.