Overwatch 2 team falls in second round of playoffs


Photo via WIkimedia Commons

Baldwin’s esports team participates in Overwatch 2, a team based player vs. player game.

The Baldwin Overwatch 2 team lost in the second round of playoffs against New Hope-Solebury on Friday. 

This was the round of 16, and the team got swept in a best of five series, 3-0. Baldwin esports Coach Nathan Elias said the Highlanders still had some strong moments.

“It was closer than the score indicates,” Elias said. 

While team members did a good job cycling their ults, they could have done a better job in using them, Elias said. 

“Sometimes we would sit on ults too long, and sometimes we would be separated from each other. We would lose lives after lives and would not regroup after getting respawned,” Elias said. 

The Highlanders entered the playoffs as the fifth seed.

“We played better teams and had more competition in these playoffs, so we started off strong but just couldn’t keep it together throughout the match,” Elias said. 

Elias is still proud of his team and proud of how the organization helped students. 

“I was happy with our club in that a lot of the kids participating don’t really have a sport or activity that they really felt was for them, and I have heard from a lot of kids that they really enjoyed it and this gave them something to do after school,” Elias said. 

Elias is hopeful for Baldwin’s esports teams in the future.

“I think we did a great job for our first year and I am excited for the next year,” Elias said.