Hutchinson ready to bring his enthusiasm to Highlander role


Grace Spozarski

Junior Kevin Hutchinson is ready to take on his role as the 2023-24 Baldwin Highlander.

Grace Spozarski and Kenzie Hirt

Being an anchor on the Morning Announcements requires charisma, passion, and excitement – qualities that Hutchinson brings to the daily show.

“Some of the best moments are just the banter that (co-host) Ariel (Michael) and I have on and off the air. We are dishing each other the whole time and it is not super serious. That’s what makes it enjoyable,” Hutchinson said. 

That positive energy also will serve him well in his new role as the school’s Highlander mascot for the 2023-24 year.

Being in the public eye at school takes a certain type of person. Hutchinson agrees that even from a young age he has been able to feel comfortable in front of any crowd. 

“I think it is just my natural personality,” Hutchinson said. “I have always been more outgoing and comfortable with putting myself out there.”

Hutchinson is involved in many clubs and organizations throughout the school, along with numerous different hobbies and extracurriculars outside of school.

“I do karate. That is probably my main thing,” Hutchinson said. “I volunteer at my church, and I am also learning Spanish right now. I also love to write, mainly talking and connecting with people and writing.”

Hutchinson is one of two Baldwin students participating in the Kelly Critics program through the Gene Kelly Awards program. Last year, he won the Kelly Critic Award.

Senior Carson Chapel, the outgoing Highlander, is the one who suggested Hutchinson for the role of the next school mascot.

“The very moment I knew that it (should be) him was during the winter sports pep rally. He was taking photos and getting everyone hype. I thought it was cool,” Chapel said. 

When Chapel suggested Hutchinson for the role, Athletic Director Anthony Cherico agreed. 

“I thought Kevin would be a perfect fit. He has high energy, takes his work very seriously, has school spirit and will represent our school well in this role,” Cherico said. 

When Cherico offered Hutchinson the job, Hutchinson accepted with no hesitation. 

“I knew that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it. So I decided to just take the opportunity,” Hutchinson said. 

Cherico said Hutchinson has the key qualities required to be the Highlander, including having a lot of energy and being able to work with the cheer team, the band, and sports team. 

“I think the Highlander needs to have positive energy, a love for the school and his classmates, willingness to work with others, willingness to give to the youth groups, and the desire to motivate others. Kevin fits the mold perfectly,” Cherico said.

The Highlander most importantly represents the school and the community, Cherico said.

“The mascot to any school signifies who they are. For us, the Highlander is a warrior – someone willing to fight for what they believe in and willing to protect what is theirs. I think it’s fitting for how hard our teams work and want to represent our school,” Cherico said. 

The Highlander is representative of many things, but can always bring the hype at schooling events and functions. 

“I will always give 100% to every sport game I am at, and that is something people can count on,” Hutchinson said. “I might not watch sports everyday, but when I do, I’m fully there.”