Girls lacrosse loses to Canon-Mac


Grace Hampton

The Baldwin boys lacrosse team plays in the 3A division.

Grace Spozarski and Eli Traud

The girls lacrosse team fell 19-4 to Canon-McMillan on Monday.

The girls lacked both defense and playing as a cohesive unit in the game.

“Our passes could have been better. The team should have done a better job at getting open,” senior midfielder Kaitlyn Porter said.

Senior defender Sara Scheeser agreed.

“We could also improve on communicating on defense and keeping the same energy throughout the entire game,” Scheeser said.

However, with the season more than halfway over, the girls lacrosse team has improved significantly over the past few years, especially this one.

“Throughout the season we’ve gotten better at taking scoring opportunities when they’re there,” Scheeser said. The team has become better at quickly picking up ground balls and regaining possession.

The new coaching staff for the team is clear in bringing improvement to the team, Scheeser said.

“The coaches tell us to work the hardest we can at all times and be aware of the ball at all times,” Scheeser said.

Scheeser said senior attacker Eva Semieraro was a standout player of the game for her goal while the team was down a player.

The girls lacrosse team’s next game is on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. against Bethel Park.