‘Future’ miniseries depicts a sweet romance


Photo via My Drama List

Future, a thai miniseries, was released in March of 2023.

Simran Rijal

Future is a Thai miniseries that focuses on the blossoming romance of Fuse, who’s popular at his college, and Ana, a dentist. 

Fuse is admired by everyone, yet all his friends have a significant other, while he still doesn’t. Ana is a dentist who likes Fuse. When Fuse shows up at Ana’s father’s clinic for a dental check-up, Ana asks if Fuse can practice his dating and flirting skills on him. 

Unlike most such series, the characters here are direct: They communicate well with each other. The actors do an excellent job portraying their roles. 

Though the story is a little cliched, the fact that it’s a miniseries and yet flows so smoothly  leaves viewers anticipating what happens next. It doesn’t have much romance either, but the characters’ wholesome encounters and gestures with each other make up for that flaw. 

This series releases one episode per Sunday, and fans can watch this show on Dramacool.