Girls softball loses 2 over spring break


Photo via Wikimedia.commons

The Baldwin girls softball team loses after a hard fought game against NA.

Rakshya Kafle and Georgia Holbert

Baldwin’s softball lost two games over spring break.

On Monday, the team fell to Norwin 9-2 

“The other team was hitting really well, and we only started hitting toward the last innings,” sophomore Ryley Shaw said. “We needed to start earlier to pull off a win.”

For the first three innings of the game, the score was kept at 1-0, until Norwin began picking up hits. 

“I think the other team had the advantage of hitting gaps and having more baserunners than us,” sophomore Gabriella Jaquay said.

This did not discourage the team from giving it their all.

“Mackenzie Bowen did really well in the outfield by robbing them of some good hits,” Shaw said. 

“This season has been a little rough so far, but (we are) hoping to improve playing the section a second time around,” Shaw said. 

Last Wednesday, the Highlanders lost to Mt. Lebanon, 8-3. The beginning of the game started out mostly even, but as it advanced, Mt. Lebanon started to score more runs, eventually leading to their win. 

“We had a really great game and played well together as a team. We just need to get more consecutive hits together,” Smolko said. 

Mt. Lebanon got a lead with their timing on offense.

“The advantage that they had over us was that they had key hits at the right time, which was when runners were also on bases,” Jaquay said. 

However, the girls are making improvements with each game.

“I’m not sure if we could have done anything better, other than just finding gaps with our hits, which will eventually come to us,” Jaquay said. “I do have hope that (wins are) coming up, considering we are getting better and better each game.”